Message from the President

Dear Members,

And just like that… we are almost half way through the year… Crazy times!

Whilst I have been fairly silent in terms of official Presidential posts, I hope you have enjoyed the many updates to the other pages on the Blog! Our crack team of social media assassins are quietly squirreling away until the early hours of the morning to bring you the latest and greatest news for the Association on both a State and National level. Have anything to add? Then please contact one of the Committee members post-haste! (Our details can all be found on the National website… speaking of which... have you checked out the National website lately?

So – what’s the goss?

· We have seen a number of exciting positions posted to the list and blog in the last few weeks – keep an eye on our Movers and Shakers page to stay up-to-date with the shuffle this will no doubt bring. Have you moved recently (or are you about to?) – once again let us know so we can get your new details out to your colleagues. We also have a new page on the Blog – Library Contacts – so if you have moved or your details have changed please let us know so we can get the information out to everyone.

· Registrations have opened for the 2012 ALLA Conference – Respect the Past, Embrace the Future Early Bird registrations are on offer until July 31.

· Speaking of the conference... It is my pleasure to confirm that CCH will be sponsoring the ALLA(WA) 2012 Conference Bursary. This bursary offers $1500 towards the costs of attending the ALLA Conference to one of our local members. Details and a call for applications will be posted to the list shortly – I would strongly encourage members who have not yet received the bursary to apply.

· A fun new page will soon be added to the ALLA(WA) Blog. This page will feature snaps of our very own journal – the Australian Law Librarians Journal – with actual, real life celebrities! Mawghan has kicked this page off with a bang – with a celebrity endorsement that must be seen to be believed! This page will be added soon but in the meantime – if you know anyone famous then grab your copy of the Australian Law Librarian and a camera and send the pics on in!

Well – that’s all from me folks! Keep an eye on the blog – we have some great professional development events coming up in the next few months so don’t miss out.

Until next time,

Kirsty McPhee
ALLA(WA) President


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