Law Institute of Victoria : Media Release

Thursday 23 August 2012


The Law Institute of Victoria today welcomed moves to establish a shared Law Library of Victoria accessible by all legal practitioners, judges, magistrates, and tribunal members.

LIV President Michael Holcroft today signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the Supreme Court of Victoria, the County Court, Magistrates’ Court, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Department of Justice, Victorian Bar and the LIV.

“This is the first stage to take our historic, but sometimes impractical, individual libraries into the 24 hour remote access platform required in the 21st century”, he said.

“Particularly for our country and suburban lawyers, the establishment of one common library facility, with 24 hour 7 day a week complete remote access, is key.

“The days of physically visiting a law library and taking down a dusty tome from a shelf are almost over. The modern practice of law demands access to documents and texts at all hours from all locations,” Mr Holcroft said.

The Law Institute of Victoria maintains a well resourced library for its members, which will ultimately become part of the Law Library of Victoria.

Mr Holcroft said it was also important to ensure that the historic Supreme Court library collections were protected and maintained.

“It is important to improve the access of users to a wider range of library materials and services which at the same time maintaining our priceless Supreme Court collection, he said.

The Law Institute of Victoria has over 16,000 members, many of whom are based in suburban or country locations.

Mr Holcroft congratulated the Supreme Court Library committee, and in particular Court of Appeal President Chris Maxwell and Justice Cameron Macaulay for their efforts in working to achieve agreement between all parties.


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