Quick on Costs : Restructure

One of our members has brought to our attention that Quick on Costs (Thomson Reuters) is still referencing the Legal Practice Act 2003 (WA).

Stel Podias, in his publisher liaison role, has spoken to Gregory Sarias, Editor of Quick on Costs.  A fully-updated Quick on Costs will be relaunched in 2014.  To quote from the reply received by Stel -

"...we expect that there will be some disparity in the currency between areas of the service that have been revised, and those that are yet to be, and we apologise if this causes any inconvenience.

In the meantime however, I will along with the authors, check through references to the old Legal Practice Act 2003 and see where commentary needs to be updated to discuss the Legal Profession Act 2008 - especially throughout Chapters 1 and 2".

Please contact Stel should you have any further concerns re this title and he will liaise with the publisher on your behalf.



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