End-of-year celebration

The ALLA (WA) end-of-year get-together was held at The Generous Squire on 5 December.  Thirty-three people attended for a couple of hours of eating, drinking and chatting on the roof terrace.  We had our own half of the terrace.  It was quite crowded which had the advantage of making mingling easy.  It was all fun, especially for the four ladies who won the LexisNexis $50 Myer vouchers -
congratulations to Julitha Sawyer, Nicole Davey, Belinda Eisenhauer and Lorraine Pearce.  Congratulations also to Kirsty McPhee and Belinda Eisenhauer who were announced as joint winners of the Joint Study Institute Scholarship.

Jenny Lucre

PS  Photos of the event will follow once permission for publication has been sought and granted by the people included in each photo.


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