A holiday in The Big Apple

Hi everyone,

As some of you may have heard, my wife and I spent our Christmas and New Year’s in New York. I won’t regale you with everything that we saw and did whilst there but I will talk a bit about these two shots that I took just for the ALLA (WA) blog.

Here I am at the New York Public Library. How could a librarian be in New York and not visit the New York Public Library? Here I am with the Australian Law Librarian journal and one of the two lions that guard the entrance to the Library. This lion is nicknamed Fortitude; his neighbour on the other side of the entrance steps is nicknamed Patience. Although, when inside, I didn’t get to say to someone “Back off man, I’m a scientist”, I did at least run down the steps as if I had seen a ghost.

Here I am on the “Law & Order” steps at the New York City Supreme Court. Watch Law & Order? Then you might recognise these steps. These are the steps they use for all those discussions outside of the courtroom shots you see on that show, so it seemed like the right location for a picture with the Australian Law Librarian journal.

Justin Booker


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