Visit to Parliament House

Parliament House Tour (3 July 2013)

Western Australia inherited the English system of government and law when it was colonised in 1829.  Its first legislative body was the Legislative Council, which met for the first time on 7 February 1832 and was presided over by the Governor of Western Australia, Captain James Stirling, who nominated four other members.

The fifteen of us who attended the tour of Parliament House had the picture of this event explained to us, as well as viewing other pictures of Parliament’s early days. We were then escorted on a building tour which included going into the chamber floor of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, where different items of interest were explained. I found it fascinating that the mace used by the Speaker came into being as a protection device after nine of them were murdered in England after delivering unpopular policies.

Following this, we visited the Parliamentary Library where Judy Ballantyne kindly provided us with a brief overview of the library – a place full of charm that was originally designated as a ballroom. Overall, it was a very interesting and enjoyable morning.

Jenny Lucre


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