Law librarians just want to have fun

Well, it’s been three weeks since I’ve been back from my trip to Paris and since returning to the day-to-day routine it has now become just a distant memory.

I do remember having a great time, except for a little incident at the Eiffel Tower which will be indelibly printed on my mind.

Getting to the very top after squeezing into a lift with a number of Aussie teenage boys who I presume were on a school trip; my husband, who is diabetic, had a hypoglycaemic reaction. Of course there isn’t any food available at the top and he forgot to pack his jellybeans so I had to get him to the level below – again in a packed lift, and ply him with food and a can of Coke (not of the diet variety).

He eventually returned from an ashen shade of grey to a semblance of a normal colour and we decided we might then take the opportunity to take in the view.

The photograph below was taken after the incident when we had returned from a cruise down the Seine feeling a bit more relaxed and positive about life. However, things were still not totally back to normal by this stage hence the fact that the photograph with the Australian Law Librarian does not show the journal in all its glory.

The other photograph was taken at the Louvre which was far less eventful and with no dramas so I haven’t got an excuse as to why this one also doesn't do the journal justice (except that photography is definitely not our forte) because by this stage we were well and truly having fun.

A word of travel advice though – if you are going to the top of the Eiffel Tower with a diabetic, make sure they take their jellybeans.

Lorraine Pearce


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