Workshop : JADE Professional

On 27 June at Ashurst Australia, sixteen people attended a JADE Professional workshop presented by Sue Ann Yap.  Sue is the Director of Stakeholder Relations with BarNet and spoke about some interesting features, including -

· JADE CaseTrace - summarises citations used for and by a particular decision;

· The citator - details the citation/references at paragraph level;

· The ability to upload a list of authorities and gain quick and easy access to unreported judgments on JADE.   Please note that steps have been taken to include notations of parallel citations, including the reported citations;

· The ability to set up current awareness alerts at legislation level, citation paragraph level and at general topic level, among others.

Sue will be returning to Perth in August.   If anyone missed the session or would like to arrange a demonstration of the new-look JADE, please feel free to email me - and I will pass on your email address.

Mawghan Elverd


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