In September, Women Lawyers of Western Australia (WLWA) announced the completion of its 2014 Gender Bias Review Report, which reviews the 1994 Chief Justice's Gender Bias Taskforce Report.

According to the forward:

The 2014 Report provides a contemporary perspective on the gender bias issues facing women today. Not only do such issues prevent women from participating fully in the community and accessing the law and justice system, but they also present a fundamental impediment to equality before the law, and for these reasons must be addressed. We encourage members of the profession, government, private and community associations to familiarise themselves with the findings of this 2014 Review Report, and take immediate action to implement the Recommendations contained within it

The report runs to over 700 pages with references and appendices, but for anyone involved in (or involved in supporting) the legal profession, it's worth having a skim of the recommendations.


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