Reality TV: court hearing videos

The UK Supreme Court recently announced on-demand access to video recordings of proceedings through the court's website (see current cases and decided cases). The streaming videos are available on the next working day after a hearing and continue to be accessible for one year.

Meanwhile, in Canada, a selection of Supreme Court hearings are available as streaming videos via the Cable Public Affairs Channel (which also shows parliamentary proceedings, documentaries, and other political programmes). Video recordings back to 2009 are also available on the Supreme Court's website.

Of course, the Australian High Court also posts video recordings of  full court hearings in Canberra, with archives back to 2013 (select cases).

These recordings are valuable resources for anyone interested in  judicial affairs or doing research into particular decisions. It will be interesting to see how questions of metadata, storage, and public access are handled as the courts' video collections expand.

ALLA(WA) Committee Member - Megan Fitzgibbons. 
Librarian, University of Western Australia.


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