Summary of consultation regarding Law Library at the Supreme Court of Western Australia

Below are notes from meeting held regarding the future of the Law Library at the Supreme Court of Western Australia, held in May 2015.

The Library Integration Project involves the relocation and integration of the Legal Practice Board Library (Law Library at the Supreme Court of Western Australia) and the Department of Attorney General library.

The integrated library will be located at Level 2 of the Old Treasury building
 It is scheduled to commence on 1 July 2016.

They have deemed a prioritisation of access – in descending order of priority (note that 1, 2. And 3 have 24/7 access)
  1. Judiciary and court officers
  2. Senior government legal officers
  3. DotAG legal officers
  4. Practitioners
The integrated library collection will comprise of an on-site and off-site collection as there is not enough space to hold both collections in the new office space. The difficulty is determining what must stay on-site.

Practitioners will be able to view catalogue information for items in the off-site collection and will be able to request items. Please note that it will be an expected 24 hour turnaround for retrieving items off-site.

Practitioners will have remote access to the online catalogue.

The on-site collection will be a browsing collection, meaning that items will not be able to be borrowed (except to take to court). This browsing collection may be limited as it seems like the majority of the collection will be housed in compactus.

At any time, a small proportion of the library’s resources will be on loan to the judiciary and government officers, therefore availability may be delayed.

Practitioners will continue to have access to major electronic publishers on two public computers.

Hardcopy inter-library loans will no longer be available, including textbooks.

Self-service photocopying and printing will continue to be available for a charge. The billing system is yet to be determined but it is unlikely that you will be able to pay with cash.


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