Michael Kirby's 10 Commandments to Australian Law Schools

Thomson Reuters is providing online access to the text of the Hon. Michael Kirby's Leo Cussen Justice Lecture at the Australian Law Teachers' Association Conference earlier this year. It's interesting reading for librarians who are involved in supporting legal education in universities. The ten 'commandments' to Law Schools presented in the lecture are:
  1. Assure a more diverse intake
  2. Attend to vulnerable students, so that they survive their studies
  3. Address some particular subjects of poverty law
  4. Encourage engagement by future lawyers with civil society
  5. Promote engagement with all forms of legal aid
  6. Acknowledge the importance of the law on costs
  7. Enhance access to law through new technology
  8. Establish miscarriage of justice and innocence clinics
  9. Undertake reliant empirical research and law reform projects
  10. Consider basic lessons to be derived from foreign systems
The text of the lecture can be downloaded from the Thomson Reuters Insight blog for free, although it's necessary to enter personal information in a form before access is granted.


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