Information Professionals Photo Event

Attention Information Professionals in Western Australia!

You are invited to participate in the 2016 historic group photograph of ‘Information Professionals in WA’ - the first event of its kind in Western Australia.

The concept:

It is hoped that the Information Professionals in WA event will bring together information professionals from all industries and sectors, including librarians, library technicians and officers and records professionals, etc.  The event aims to:

  • Provide an unique photo opportunity to capture the library and information industry in WA collectively, and also provide an option to capture each association and group individually.
  • Facilitate a networking opportunity and encourage information groups and associations to work collaboratively in the future.
  • Promote the differences and commonalities between specific groups and associations.
  • Provide the opportunity for the images to be published in industry journals, websites and blogs, to advertise the historical importance of capturing who we are as library and information professionals in Western Australia.
A similar event occurred for women in the legal profession in 1999 and again in October 2015 with resounding success and we believe that with your help Information Professionals in WA will be just as successful.

**Please note that this event is restricted to members of participating groups and associations.

If you are a member of a library and information group that would like to be involved, or to RSVP your attendance, please contact Mawghan Elverd –


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