ALLA (WA) President's Corner - Vol. 1 Issue. 2

Hi ALLA(WA) Members

Natalie McDonald
Natalie McDonald, ALLA (WA) President
Please see below for an update on the services and events of the ALLA(WA).

Upcoming ALLA(WA) PD & Social Events
The ALLA(WA) CPD Sub Committee have created a calendar of proposed upcoming events for the 2016/2017 period which have been available on the Calendar of Events page.  One event per month will be arranged (sometimes even two), with nothing scheduled over the December-January holiday period.

A brown bag CPD session was held on 13th October where Mawghan Elverd, the recipient of the Wolters Kluwer CCH Conference Bursary, shared some of her highlights of the August 2016 ALLA Conference in Melbourne, Victoria.  All who attended came away with some valuable insights. We thank those who took time to provide feedback after this event.

The End of Year Celebration will be held on Wednesday 30th November 2016.   A Save the Date has already been emailed to members and shared on our social media channels, more information will follow shortly.

MOU Update
The MOU vote will be held on Wednesday 30th November 2016, the same date as the End of Year Celebration. One of our focus this year is to look at ways of improving the attendance by combining events.  We would be interested to hear your feedback at the conclusion of these events.

The ACT, NT, NSW, SA and Victorian Divisions have voted and signed the new MOU.  The ALLA (WA) Committee requested further information from the Board, based on member concerns, which we have now received (i.e. financial stability, value for money).  The information will be sent to members to help them make their decision to vote for or against the signing of the new MOU.

ALLA Connect
The ALLA Ltd Board is introducing ALLA Connect.  This new initiative is a networking/sharing program for ALLA members.  The aim of the project is to provide members with the opportunity to network outside of their current professional circles. The intention of ALLA Connect is to enable members to connect on an individual and group level with individuals they may not otherwise be able to connect with.  I will be representing the WA Division and will provide further updates on this project.

Certificates of Appreciation
There are some wonderful people in the ALLA that sometimes go unnoticed.   To acknowledge these people, we are calling for nominations for Certificates of Appreciation.  If you would like to nominate a member, please take a look at the Nomination Criteria outlined here and send your nominations to If suitable nominations are received, Certificates will be presented at the End of Year Celebration.

WA Unreported Judgments
Unfortunately AustLII are yet to make available the WA unreported judgments.  We have been continuing to follow up with this matter and will bring you updates via the Blog when this occurs, or when we receive an update from AustLII.

Warden’s Court Decisions
Anthony Papamatheos from Francis Burt Chambers gave a very interesting seminar on the Mining Act 1978 (WA) before the Warden or Warden's Court in September.  In lieu of thank you gift, Anthony requested we work at getting the Mining Warden’s Court decisions on AustLII (currently they are housed on the Dept of Mines and Petroleum website and are so hard to find and search). This is in progress and we will update you further as information becomes available.

The Compliance & Regulatory Sub Committee have been busily updating the ALLA(WA) Constitution to ensure it complies with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (WA) and also updating the Policies and Register of Decisions.

The Policies and Register of Decisions will be finalised once the MOU vote has occurred.  When the ALLA(WA) Constitution is updated a copy will be sent to members.  As we are only amending the existing rules to ensure they comply with the requirements of the new Act, we don’t need member approval and the Committee can approve the amended rules.

These documents will be shared and made available electronically once finalised.

ALLA (WA) is now on Facebook! Check us out @LawLibsWA. So far we have 16 page likes - including interactions with people from as far away as New Jersey - of course, we would like more!

Union list : Law Library Serial Holdings in WA
The Union List was last published in 2006 and since then the holdings have been significantly amended.  We are in the process of updating the Union List and will make it available electronically.
This is a large task and I cannot put an end date on it at the moment.

But…the Union list is looking for a new name!  If you have any ideas we would love to hear from you.  There is a small prize for the most innovative name.   Please email your suggestions to

Natalie McDonald
2016/2017 ALLA(WA) President


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