Collaborate and Learn - Community, contributing, career - Using LinkedIn for Law Librarians

ALLA is proud to present Alison Jones Knowledge Manager with Meyer Vandenberg who will present a webinar Community, contributing, career : Using LinkedIn for law librarians

What the webinar is about

The key take away message from many management articles on LinkedIn is that regular and thoughtful use of LinkedIn will lead to an avalanche of job offers.
But is there more to LinkedIn being a glorified space in which to park your CV? Is it worthwhile taking the risk and making time to contribute to LinkedIn?

This webinar will look at LinkedIn from the perspective of:

  • Community – using LinkedIn as a space to build a virtual community of fellow professionals around you, for both networking and learning purposes;
  • Contributing – how making well defined and consistent contributions to LinkedIn improves the experience of your community on LinkedIn and can in turn broaden that community; and
  • Career – how thoughtful use of LinkedIn can lead to a wide range of professional opportunities and experiences.

When: Tuesday 8th of November at 1pm AEDT.
Cost: Free to ALLA members, join us if you are interested
We Thank: Alison for sharing her knowledge
Hashtag: #allalinkedIn
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