Collaborate and Learn - Insights from the 2016 LexisNexis Legal and Regulatory Technology Review

About the Webinar: 

In 2016, LexisNexis conducted a Legal and Regulatory Technology Review across a number of legal entities. The purpose of the study was to gain a greater understanding of technology attitudes, infrastructure and device usage. This information provides LexisNexis with insight to ensure we are developing resources that are compatible with your environments.

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When: Thursday 18th of May
Time: 1-2
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Hashtag: #Legaltechnology
A recording of the session will be made available to members after the session.


  1. When and how will the recording be made available to members please.

    1. Hi Ananymous, ALLA members would have been sent a link to their email address associated with their membership. If you didn't recieve this email, please contact the ALLA Membership Coordinator.