AGLC4 Release Date

The release of the 4th edition of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC4) has been delayed till July 2018.

For those not aware, AGLC is published by the Melbourne Law School (MLS) as a collaboration between the Melbourne University Law Review (MULR) and the Melbourne Journal of International Law (MJIL). After meeting with the current and future editors of the both publications, the AGLC4 committee have postponed the final release date of AGCL4 to 1 July 2018. 

This extended deadline is to allow for adequate time to complete the proofreading and formatting work still remaining. The AGCL4 committee believes that the intended release date of Semester 1, 2018 would have compromised on the quality of AGLC4.

The AGLC4 Committee believes that a mid-year release will also allow for a six-month transition period from July to December 2018 for AGLC3 to be phased out. During this transition period, libraries will be able to train their staff in AGLC4 before the start of the academic year in 2019.

Relevant stakeholders have been thanked by the AGLC4 committee has thanked for their patience in the publication delay.

The AGLC4 Committee is willing to respond to queries relating to the publication delay and can be contacted via email.


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