One thing that surprises you as a librarian

Alison Jones, a Knowledge Manager and Librarian posted the following on her LinkedIn:

Was pleased to write this guest piece for Vable on the one thing that surprised me about being a librarian... which was coming to the realisation that while the lawyers I work with are experts in the law, their librarians are the experts in legal research. And how having the confidence to assist them with legal research, especially through training, has assisted with the library being well regarded within my organisation.

In the Vable piece, 'The One Thing That Suprised Me About Being a Librarian' Alison speaks about how our value as librarians 'resides in our ability to mediate between the collection and the people we serve.'

Speaking about the Library as a Collection and the Librarian as an Intermediary, Jones goes on to discuss the knowledge gap between legal research required at law school and legal research required in a law firm.

What do you think of what Jones' says? What do you see as a major gap in legal research knowledge? What surprises you as a librarian?


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