Two existential library articles

Worried about your library and your job? Despite frequent gloomy predictions, the demise of the library sector hasn’t happened – and as one article reveals, sloppy research can be the cause of the faulty prediction.

A widely shared article declaring libraries and archives to be among the fastest-declining industries in America has been debunked.

Takeaway message – make sure you have all the information before extrapolating ….

While this article is about public libraries, and how, despite predictions that they will wither and die, they are still around and generally growing, there is a message that is relevant to all libraries:

The key to continued support of libraries is engagement equals ownership. As humans we have an innate need to feel wanted and valued, to know that what we say matters. When libraries engage communities by asking for their input and then report back to them how that input was incorporated into their programs, activities, or design of the spaces and buildings then the community gains ownership which translates to increased support.

So do you have sufficient engagement with your community? That can be a lot of time and effort that might seem impossible to squeeze into your already crowded day but the ROI might just be worth it.


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