Brown bag : Rights of the Unborn Child

CPD seminar
Wednesday, 15 May 2013
The rights of the unborn child, as the law currently stands in WA and the proposed amendments

Mrs Lorraine Finlay, lecturer in criminal law at the Murdoch University School of Law, addressed a group of 15 delegates at a lunchtime brown bag seminar in Downings boardroom on Wednesday, 15 May.  She spoke on the rights of the unborn child, addressing a neglected area in WA legislation, and citing some cases which had touched the general public where, through no fault of the expectant mother, the unborn child had been lost through criminal action, without any recourse for justice.  Her fascinating presentation led to many questions from the floor, and further discussion in this informal setting.  In addition, some new points were raised, much to Lorraine's delight!  We all came away with some issues to digest.

Thank you, Linda, for your hospitality at Downings!

Belinda Eisenhauer


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