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Called to the Bar - Now and Venn

When I was working for a certain academic institution out Nedlands way (you work it out) I used to coordinate a monthly gathering of library workers. We would go to a different wine bar each month and blog a review. You can still see the reviews online here.

Now that I work for a law firm in the city, which is ground zero for wine bars in Perth, I thought it was time to start doing this again, only this time for the ALLA WA blog. Plus, I can buy a drink for all those people I owe one to. Namely those that have provided me with scans of various law reports. These hopefully regular posts will be appearing under the title of “Called to the Bar”. Enjoy.

For the first post of this re-badged venture I took a trip to Venn Bar . Venn operates on many levels, literally and figuratively. They have upstairs and ground floor areas and they also function as an art gallery. They have a cool gift shop too but that wasn’t open by the time I got there at about quarter past 6 on Wednesday 1 May.

I was able to get a seat without too much hassle. The place was comfortably packed if you know what I mean.

I was all set to order a cider and a pizza when the guy behind the bar pointed out that there was a special on Wednesdays; beer and pizza for $15. Since the pizza ordinarily is $15 you’re getting a beer for free. Now, how can you not like a bar that offers that? Points to the bar staff for this.

Points are deducted from the bar staff for later ignoring my drinking companion NS. He had the misfortune to be standing at the bar when a pretty blonde came along and she got served first. NS works for the ABC. He might do a story about this discrimination. We’ll see.

Both NS and I had to wait a bit for our respective pizzas. Mine was tasty but my free beer was almost all gone by this time.

Venn Bar presents well, being sleek and modern both on the ground floor and upstairs and now even outdoors. They have just added an outside area leading into Raine Square, that operates as a cafe area. This area isn’t licensed, so you can’t take drinks out there.

The too loud music was in competition to the low level lighting so it was hard to tell what ambience was being aimed for. I personally was on the side of the lights. Gathering from how loud others around me had to talk to be heard I suspect they too were in this camp.

Apart from this and the predilection of the bar staff for serving pretty blondes first, Venn Bar is a great venue. If you are hearing the call of the bar Venn Bar is worth a visit.

All ALLA WA members are welcome to come with me on my next bar hop. Let me know if you are interested.

Justin Booker


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