Monday Morning Email Mountain

You know how it goes.

Friday afternoon you leave your office sorted - no pesky pile of emails waiting for you. But by Monday morning, you have a small mountain waiting for you upon return. And if you go on leave, it's a nice mountain range.

Ever thought that there must be a better way of managing all the emails you get? If its anything like me and you are facing hundreds each morning, I'm sure you're hoping for something to help.

Carson Tate is a management consultant and author of Work Simply: Embracing the power of your personal productivity style can provide some guidance on helping you manage your daily email deluge.

Tate recently published on her LinkedIn blog a post to help you "Stop wasting your precious time and act on an email. Read it, decide what you need to do with it and act on it."

Her four steps to the process, which she outlines in more detail are:
  1. Read your email messages once
  2. Decide - What is this email message? Does it require action?
  3. Act on your email messages
  4. Contain your email messages

Thanks to Mawghan for the link. 


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