Public lecture: Bringing Justice to the ‘Hood

From the University of Western Australia's Institute for Advanced Studies:

Bringing Justice to the ‘Hood: Is There a Home for Neighbourhood Courts in Australia? A public lecture by Sarah Murray, Law School, The University of Western Australia

Quoted from the event announcement:

Neighbourhood Justice Courts (NJCs) are community-focused courts that harness the power and energies of the judiciary, local community and service providers to bring about better outcomes for people who come into contact with the legal system. Based on the principles of non-adversarial justice, restorative justice and therapeutic jurisprudence, the emphasis of NJCs is on problem solving and collaboration. NJCs are, in effect, a one-stop community justice hub. They create local forms of justice innovations through integrating justice personnel and service providers with residents, NGOs, local businesses, churches and schools. The integration of these support networks, alongside heightened judicial engagement, has proved successful in improving individual and community well being as well as reducing social disadvantage, non-compliance with court orders and spiralling imprisonment rates.

This public lecture will explore Dr Murray’s research into NJCs and the potential for NJCs in Western Australia and the nation more generally. The City of Yarra in Melbourne is the home of Australia’s only NJC, however, such courts are a burgeoning justice phenomenon with models with models found in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands and South Africa.

Date: 7 May
Time: 6pm
Venue: Webb Lecture Theatre, Geography Building
UWA Parking: P18 & 20, Fairway entrance 3
Cost: Free, but RSVP essential.


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