"The Future of the Courts" whitepaper

Thomson Reuters Insight recently published a white paper entitled "The Future of the Courts." It's available for free from their website, but it's necessary to register some personal details before downloading (so you may want to check their privacy policy).

The paper reviews trends in the US, the UK, and Australia with the aim of forecasting "what will the courts look like in 20 years' time?"

Keep themes include:
  • A changing context, including politics of payment for justice and professional technologies
  • Virtualisation (virtual access to courts), online dispute resolution, and self-represented parties
  • Automation 
  • A data revolution
  • Standardisation and globalisation
  • Continuing importance of people in making courts function
The paper concludes:

Courts leaders need to display adaptability and foresight; they need to develop a keen understanding of the benefits of technology, both the technology available today and the new technology that will emerge tomorrow; and they need the courage and strength not only to defend the essential elements of their role in the community, but also to imagine a clear vision of how that role will evolve in the future to marry the best of IT-enabled services with justice that maintains and improves its reputation for transparency, timeliness and ease of access.

ALLA(WA) Committee Secretary - Megan Fitzgibbons. 
Librarian, University of Western Australia.  


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