ALLA certificates of appreciation 2015

Fiona, Mawghan, and Linda were selected by their fellow ALLA(WA) members to be awarded ALLA certificates of appreciation in 2015. Thank you all for their service, leadership, and mentorship.

Fiona Archibald

Fiona’s dedication to ALLA (WA) and her long standing commitment as a valuable member of the WA Committee show that she is a worthy recipient of a Certificate of Appreciation. The Committee has relied heavily on her knowledge of ALLA and of law librarianship – and her impeccable editing skills are appreciated almost as much as her good humour and caring. She has previously put great effort into coordinating the ALLA (WA) blog and we are grateful for all her valued contributions over the years.

Mawghan Elverd

Mawghan has gone above and beyond the call of duty over the course of her presidency of ALLA (WA) and service to the Committee. Not only did she put a lot of energy into leading ALLA (WA), she even volunteered to stay on as President for a second term. She remains a valued Committee member who is always quick to think of other people’s professional and personal needs, and takes care to build a supporting community. She is definitely a credit to ALLA and to the profession. 

Linda McNamara

Linda McNamara (formerly Linda de Nicolai) started her career in law librarianship in the 1980s. Working in law firms in the early days of her career, she then moved to the Federal Court in 1984 and worked there until late 1985. Linda then moved to the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, which later became Australian Government Solicitor’s Office. She worked at AGS until 1995, when she moved to the Commonwealth DPP, where she has been ever since. Linda was an active member of the ALLGWA committee since its early days, including as secretary. She was instrumental in the development of the Union List of Law Reports in Law Libraries in WA, as well other publications. When WA had their turn at editing Australian Law Librarian, Linda was part of the editorial team. Linda also collaboratively indexed Australian Law Librarian for many years. She also set up an indexing workshop in 2000 which was mentioned in the journal as follows: “Linda McNamara... never does things by halves. When the WA Division took on the editorship of the journal she offered to bring the indexes up to date. In an order to do the job properly she looked around for a short course in indexing but found that there were none being offered in Perth. So together with her colleague, Shelley Campbell, our intrepid Linda set about organising her own.” Linda has been an outstanding mentor, adviser and friend to many law librarians over the years, both in WA and interstate.


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