Great opportunity: help with the Australian Law Librarian journal

Ever read the Australian Law Librarian and thought “I could do that”?

Ever wanted to share your legal research skills with your professional colleagues?

Ever felt the desire to give in to your inner editorial genius? (Are you deeply moved by the correct placement of the Oxford comma?)

Well here is your chance.

The Australian Law Librarian is seeking volunteers to assist with the Journal in the following roles:
  • A guest editor for one issue of the journal
  • Sourcing articles
  • Writing articles
  • Proof reading and preparing articles for publication 
If you are interested in this great opportunity for service and professional development, please contact ALLA(WA) President Alice Hewitt as soon as possible.

Joining the Australian Law Librarian team would be a great opportunity to develop connections and produce a great publication. What a better way to start the new year?


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