A very busy law librarian in Scotland

The International Librarians Network blog is always worth a read for anyone who is interested in getting of a glimpse of libraries and librarians in other countries and sectors.

A recent post features the very busy work life of a law librarian in a public sector organisation in Scotland. She shares a recap of her many, many projects as well as some lessons learned in the process.

She reflects:

I’m doing a job where I’m many things: service manager, building manager, budget manager, line manager, stock selector and purchaser, cataloguer, contract manager, project manager, internal user trainer, legal researcher, enquiry desk staff, and the person that others in related bodies ask for assistance on library matters, simultaneously. In many organisations, these roles would be being performed by multiple staff. In my workplace, it’s down to my colleague and I to do every role. Again, this has been quite a lot of pressure on a small team, but we’ve coped really well.

If you listed off all the projects and tasks that you completed last year...what would your reflections be?

Hat tip:
ALLA(WA) Committee Member - Lisa Webb.
Customer Service Librarian, Law Library, Supreme Court of Western Australia.


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