Wikipedia #1Lib1Ref (One Librarian, One Reference) – January 15–23, 2016.

As part of Wikipedia's 15th anniversary festivities, a campaign has been started to engage information professionals in improving the quality of the articles.

The campaign is called #1Lib1Ref (One Librarian, One Reference) and runs from January 15–23, 2016. The goal is for every librarian to add or correct at least one reference in a Wikipedia article.

More details are on the 1Lib1Ref page.

Here's the rationale:
More references make Wikipedia a better reference tool. Join us, and make a small contribution to the sum of all human knowledge! [...] Because anyone can edit Wikipedia, the Wikipedia community has developed a core strategy to ensure the quality of information in its articles: including footnotes to reliable sources to allow Wikipedia readers to "verify" the information. This strategy helps the global volunteer community effectively work towards meeting Wikipedia's vision: "the sum of all human knowledge." Readers and editors who don't feel confident about a piece of information in an article can add a "citation needed" tag next to that statement. These tags are similar to reference questions: members of the public asking for reliable research to back up the information they are reading. English Wikipedia alone has over 350,000 citation needed statements. Thousands of articles need more references; 200,000 articles have no references at all. Imagine if every librarian in the world took 15 minutes to address one of the citation needed queries! 
Not sure where to start? Try Citation Hunt to find an article that needs a reference.

ALLA(WA) Secretary - Megan Fitzgibbons.
Librarian, University of Western Australia.


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