ALLA(WA) Presidents Corner - Vol. 1 Issue 3

Hi ALLA(WA) Members
Natalie McDonald
Natalie McDonald, ALLA (WA) President
Please see below for an update on the services and events of the ALLA(WA).

Upcoming ALLA(WA) PD & Social Events
The End of Year Celebration was held on Wednesday, 30 November 2016.  LexisNexis kindly offered their venue for the night where members enjoyed a selection of canap├ęs and wine whilst they toasted the end of year with colleagues.

A brown bag CPD session was held on 14th February 2017 where the membership gathered to discuss negotiations with publishers on subscription renewals.  The session stipulated no publishers.  The session was well attended and discussions very informative.  Members who attended received notes from the session.

An Employment Law Fundamentals is planned for March.

MOU Update
On Wednesday 30th November 2016, the same date as the End of Year Celebration, the ALLA(WA) membership held a vote to sign the proposed new MOU with ALLA Ltd.  The vote was carried in the affirmative.

WA Unreported Judgments
AustLII have made available the WA unreported judgments on their website, however there were formatting issues with the judgments (for example including the Library number in the title of the judgment).  After several communications with Chris Kenwood and Philip Chong from AustLII, we have agreed on a model which they will work towards.  The ALLA(WA) would like to take this opportunity to thank AustLII for hosting the judgments and working with us to resolve our concerns.  Judgments can be found here.

With the vote being carried to sign the proposed new MOU, The Compliance & Regulatory Sub Committee have been busily updating the ALLA(WA) Constitution and the Policies and Register of Decisions.  These documents are in the draft stages and it is anticipated by the March/April meeting the documents will be finalised.  These documents will be shared with members and made available electronically.

WA Reprint discussion paper released
The Department of the Attorney General (WA) released a discussion paper focused on enhancing reprint powers under the Reprints Act 1984 (WA).  One of the proposals involved giving WA legislation compilations prepared by the  Parliamentary Counsel’s Office (PCO) in electronic form the same status that statutory reprints in printed form now have.  Submissions closed 27 January 2017.   We will be monitoring the outcome for our members.

 Law Library Catalogue
The Department of the Attorney General has updated their website so that it now includes the library catalogue of the Law Library at the David Malcolm Justice Centre. You can access the library catalogue here.

The Committee have received feedback from members around accessing AMPLA journals and yearbook.   Confirmation received from AMPLA is they have moved to a new format where their publications are now online.   There will be different subscription models available for Libraries, such as archives and single year AREL journals and yearbooks.  Unfortunately AMPLA are having a few setup and platform issues that will need to be finalise before they launch it on their website. At this point, they are unable to give us a timeframe.

Social Media
Social media statistics continue to climb with 91 followers on Twitter and 21 likes on our FaceBook page.  In the last month we have had 911 page views of our Blog with 10 followers.

Union list : Law Library Serial Holdings in WA
Progress is continuing on updating the Union List.  Members were invited to suggest a new name for the Union List and it was decided upon ‘The WALL’ (The WA Law Libraries).  FIRST Software Solutions are sponsoring the project.

If you have any suggestions for CPD topics or general feedback, please email us at

Natalie McDonald

2016/2017 ALLA(WA) President



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