Open Access Law

Today marks the start of Open Access Week.

With that in mind, here's a blog post from Cornell University Law Schools VoxPopuLII Blog - home of the Legal Information Insitute [LII] which has been providing open access to American law since 1992. (Those familiar with our own AustLII would see the relationship here).

The blog post, 25 for 25: A Librarian's Free Law Awakening by Sarah Glassmeyer talks about her "free law awakening' and the process of law publishing, and how this challenged her "librarian perceptions of what really matters in publishing Free Law."

It's a nice reminder of the value that free legal platforms do give us as law librarians (and practitioners). For instance,

The public needs to be able to access legal information on the open 24/7 Internet in an easy to navigate, mobile friendly way, since most people – especially lower income individuals – access the web via mobile devices. .... Primary law needs to be published without usage restrictions so that individuals and organizations can create useful adaptations and tools like encyclopedias and citators to assist self-represented individuals in their endeavors.

The ALLA Free Australian Legal Resources list shows a fantastic variety of free legal information resources in Australia. Take a look and see if there is something new to you - or if we've missed something: let us know.

If you are looking for free international materials, see the members of the Free Access to Law Movement.


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