From our website coordinator Kelly

As you have probably already have been advised, the ALLA website now has a members only section.

Because there hasn't been that much change on the WA section of site, we thought that we would take advantage of the new facilities and expand what we supplied via the website. What we'd like to know is what you'd like to see on the ALLA (WA) section of the website.

One possibility we've been kicking around is putting up a list of members with contact details in the password protected part of the site. We thought that as the only contact details list people generally had was the one in the front of the Union List (which by now is rather out of date), it might be helpful to have a new one. We thought it should be opt-in, so, if you'd like us to provide your details in the password protected members only section, please email Kelly.underwood --at--

Please also send in your ideas for the site; what would you like to see?


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