Australian Law Librarian in New York and Chicago

Australian Law Librarian in New York and Chicago, December 2014

ALLA(WA) Member - Catherine Macgill

As the last traveller of the year from the Law Library I took off in December with my trusty front cover of the journal. It made quite a cheerful though rather wet appearance in New York at the public library. My boots did not stand up to the 'puddling', a rather jolly word for large pools of water on the undrained streets. I now have waterproof boots that will last me the rest of my travelling years.

It was quite warm and dry inside as many other soggy tourists could confirm. A treasure of a place to visit.

A week later - do not be deceived by the bright blue skies above the rather uncharacteristically (for Chicago) ornate Chicago Public Library. See here for a better photo and history. We were rushing on our last day but if we had known about the winter garden we would have made a detour - next time.

I had no inclination to retrieve the journal as I might have had to take my gloves off! A lovely minus 7 and time to come home to 44 above.


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