Twitter chat: Building Your Brand

Twitter users—or those who want to give Twitter a try in a meaningful way—check out this announcement from the Special Library Association. Unfortunately the live action isn't at a convenient time for Australians (except insomniacs), but it will be interesting to have a look after the discussion.

Cross-posted from the Special Libraries Association

Branding isn’t just for marketing professionals (or cattle ranchers) any more. In today’s fast-moving digital environment, personal and professional branding allows us to communicate our goals and interests, distinguish ourselves based on our strengths, and contribute to conversations we are passionate about.

Focusing on how to build and communicate a strong identity for ourselves, our information centers, our field, and our professional association, this hour-long Twitter chat will help attendees consider the benefits of branding.

  • Follow @SLAhq on Twitter and use #SLAtalk to join in on the conversation.
  •  New to Twitter chats? Read “How to #SLAtalk.”

Q1 (first 15 minutes): How do you want to be known professionally, within both the field and your organization? If you had to create a tagline for yourself, what would it be?

Q2 (second 15 minutes): How can info pros build their brand online? Which tools and processes do you like best, and why?

Q3 (third 15 minutes): What steps have you taken to brand your library or info center? How do you promote your workplace within your organization?

Q4 (last 15 minutes): As information professionals, how can we brand our profession? Do you still identify with the title of librarian? Why or why not?


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