The Economic Value of Law Libraries

The American Association of Law Librarian has released A Report of the American Association of Law Libraries Economic Value of Law Libraries Special Committee January 2015.

The Report does not set out the value of law libraries in monetary terms, but instead provides

"research and best practices for each library manager to use to determine the value standards held by their own organization and how those values are measured and reported. The report offers guidance for each librarian in determining how best to align their services to their organization's mission.  Since even the best services may go unrewarded if not recognized, the report describes methods for reporting the library's value to its important stakeholders."
The Report is well worth a read for any person working in libraries, regardless of your role, or the type of library.

ALLA(WA) Committee Member - Alice Hewitt. 
Librarian, Reference and Information Services, Murdoch University.


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