Federal Parliamentary Press Releases are now in Trove

Good news for those who like parliamentary press releases.

Recent posts through the Trove forum and the ALLA-ANZ mailing list let us know the good news:

"The Trove Team has continued to expand Australian political history coverage in Trove with the inclusion of over 200,000 press releases from members of the Australian Federal Parliament, thanks to the Australian Parliamentary Library.

For many years the Parliamentary Library has been collecting and digitising press releases issued by federal politicians. The Library has agreed to Trove harvesting this information from its databases. The majority of press releases date from the 1990s to today, with a smattering of earlier documents from 1889 onwards."

"Interested in the radio personalities politicians are talking to? You will also find the Parliamentary Library's transcripts of more than 13,000 radio broadcasts in the Music, Sound and Video zone, including a 1975 ABC AM interview with Gough Whitlam and Vincent Lingiari on the handover of part of Wave Hill Cattle Station.

Every hot button political topic from the last two and a half decades will have press releases from your Federal Members of Parliament in this collection. If you'd like to limit your search to the Australian Parliamentary Library's Press Releases database, go to the Advanced Search and search for "Press Releases" in the library name, or add nuc:"APAR:PR" to your search

These records are updated in Trove three times per week so you can stay in touch with today's history."


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