Q&A sessions regarding Victorian Reports

In light of the announcement for the Victorian Reports' new home, Sue Ann Yap of JADE-Little William Bourke has offered to facilitate a number of Q&A sessions on the following dates:

• 18/3/2016 Friday 10am (AEDT) – RSVP at Eventbrite
• 18/3/2016 Friday 12pm (AEDT)– RSVP at Eventbrite
• 21/3/2016 Monday 10am (AEDT)– RSVP at EventBrite
• 21/3/2016 Monday 2pm (AEDT)– RSVP at EventBrite
• 22/3/2016 Tuesday at 3pm (AEDT)– RSVP at EventBrite
• 24/3/2016 Thursday at 10am (AEDT)– RSVP at EventBrite
• 24/3/2016 Thursday at 12pm (AEDT)– RSVP at EventBrite
• 25/3/2016 Friday at 10am (AEDT) – RSVP at EventBrite

The sessions are by teleconference and accommodate 25 people per session. Teleconference details will be sent out to attendees before the session.

Please RSVP your spot through EventBrite (see the above links).

Any questions? Please email your questions about the Victorian Reports prior to the session to yaps@barnet.com.au


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