Statement on behalf of the Council of Law Reporting in Victoria

The Council of Law Reporting in Victoria has entered an agreement with BarNet, the creators of BarNet Jade, to publish, sell and distribute the Victorian Reports for the next 5 years. This represents the first real change in the identity of the publishers of the Victorian Reports for more than 100 years.

In addition, under the new publishing regime, greater emphasis will be given to making the Reports available online, quickly and at an affordable cost, while retaining the option of hard copy subscription.

Approximately one thousand cases are decided by judges of the Supreme Court each year. All of these decisions are important, but some contain particularly important statements of legal principle that are instructive for the judiciary, the legal profession or the community at large. These judgments are selected for inclusion in the Victorian Reports and then supplemented by a carefully prepared summary of the case and its principle. The report and its summary is then reviewed and authorised by the judge or judges who made the decision. The result is the well-respected and now famously green volumes of the authorised Victorian Reports.

In keeping with the Council's desire to improve access to justice, the Council is aiming to achieve the widest dissemination of the Reports at the lowest price. Following an open market process, the Council chose BarNet as the publisher able to achieve this aim. BarNet products are increasingly well known and used by the legal profession, recognised for clever database features and attractive design. The Council is proud to be partnering with BarNet on this exciting development in legal publishing.

7 March 2016


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