AAL Spectrum on coding and library workflows

The latest issue of AALL Spectrum has a great article about how law librarians can use coding to create customisations within their work flows. The article doesn’t focus on any advanced coding languages (think Python or Ruby) but instead focuses on the codes that form the building blocks of the web and how these can offer real-world applications for libraries.

In ‘Coding with the building blocks of the web’ the author, Nick Szydlowski, offers advice on how to use, learn and maintain coding all while leveraging existing skills. Szydlowski suggests that “law libraries may benefit from embracing a culture in which staff are encouraged to invest in foundational technological skills. … there can sometimes be more emphasis on learning consumer-level tools, in the form of new vendor products and features, and not enough emphasis on the type and fundamental skills that can be re-used project after project.”

The article presents a great think piece for those considering branching out their skills into coding, while this issue of AALL Spectrum provides other articles on supporting your own career development and increase your own productivity.


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