Parliamentary tour event report

The Parliamentary Library hosted a fantastic demonstration and tour for ALLA (WA) and Curtis students on February 7 2018.

We heard from Niamh Corbett and other members of the of the library team who do reference, including late nights when parliament in sitting, maintain a fantastic media database for the members, keep biographies of members current and do collection development in an environment where the requirements of the parliamentarians can vary according to the latest policy directions. The service this team provides was mind blowing!

The team shared a delicious and generous morning tea with us

Afterwards most of use went on a tour of the parliamentary chambers, and learnt some tidbits that can be new even to experienced law librarians, such as a detailed information on notable women in parliament.

We are most grateful to Niamh, for Judy Ballantyne for setting it up, to the team for spending their time sharing what they do, and to Sarah, our guide for the tour.


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