23 (research data) Things for 2016 from ANDS

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If you are a person who cares for, and about, data and want to fill in some gaps, learn more, find out what others are thinking... then this might be of interest.

ANDS and the research data community will come together in a new way for 2016 using the 23 Things concept to learn more about how to better manage and optimise the value of our research data.

See http://ands.org.au/partner/23-things.html. ANDS will act as facilitator but it's self-directed.

Our 23 Things will run in two parts:

Part 1: Create our 23 Things
1. Oct - Nov 2015: Add your suggestions to our long list
2. 1-13 Dec 2015: Shortlist of the 23 Things
3. Jan 2016: Create our 23 Things poster

Part 2: Do our 23 Things
1. 1 Feb 2016: announce our 23 Things, how to sign up (to get an email reminder, send your details to guides@ands.org.au or subscribe to andsUP)

2. 8 Feb 2016: webinar explaining how it will work, a chance to ask questions, announce/find out about your local group

3. 1 March 2016: start 23 Things
  • Ongoing online self-directed learning, with sub communities to help us sustain our enthusiasm
  • Pragmatic and achievable: weekly activities will be one hour long (or less) with choices within each activity
  • Every so often we'll have a "week off" to catch up
  • Things will be grouped under topics with check-in catch ups at the completion of the topic roughly every 4-6 weeks
  • Flexible: you can tackle any or all of the items in each topic in any order - you can do one a week, or cram for the catch up and do them all in one week
4. November 2016: celebrate!

To be involved right now: 
  • Add your suggestions to our long list
  • Make sure you will know when final details are announced: either -
    • send your name, email details to: guides@ands.org.au so we can let you know when and how to sign up on 1 Feb 2016
    • sign up to andsUP
  • Talk to your supervisor about supporting you to do about one hour or less per week to do your 23 (research data) Things in 2016 - of course, you can do it in your own time and it doesn't have to be part of your work commitment. You also don't have to do all 23 Things - it's about what you want to know! The program has the support of ALIA, CAVAL and WAGUL.
  • Join the Google + Data Librarians community
Feel free to contact myself or Gerry Ryder (gerry.ryder@ands.org.au - 08 8303 8687 (Adelaide)) or Karen Visser (karen.visser@ands.org.au - 02 6125 7121 (Canberra)) for further information or suggestions.

Regards Sue Cook, Data Librarian | Research Data Support | Library Services Information Management & Technology CSIRO E sue.cook@csiro.au


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