Article: librarians' perceptions of lawyers' searching behaviour

The latest issue of the Law Library Journal (from the American Association of Law Libraries) has an article that might be of interest:

Chancellor, R. (2015). Getting it from the source: What librarians think about lawyer search behavior. Law Library Journal, 107(2), 287-295.

To be honest, the results are probably not unexpected for any librarian: lawyers use electronic resources and want their information fast! However, the study, which is a survey of 100+ American law librarians, is an interesting contribution to testing whether general models of professionals' information seeking behaviour apply in specific circumstances (such as law firms).

Other articles in the issue include:

  • The Career Path, Education, and Activities of Academic Law Library Directors Revisited Twenty-Five Years Later [2015-8] Michael J. Slinger and Sarah C. Slinger
  • A Survey of Law Libraries in Rwanda [2015-9] Brian D. Anderson
  • Indian Treaties: A Bibliography [2015-10] Beth DiFelice
  • Contemporary Land Grabbing: Research Sources and Bibliography [2015-11] Jootaek Lee
  • Getting It from the Source: What Librarians Think About Lawyer Search Behavior [2015-12] Renate Chancellor
  • Keeping Up with New Legal Titles [2015-13] Benjamin J. Keele and Nick Sexton
  • Practicing Reference . . . Not What I Planned (A Writing Detour) [2015-14]
  • Mary Whisner Diversity Dialogues . . . We All Do It: Unconscious Behavior, Bias, and Diversity [2015-15] Ronald Wheeler
  • Making Management Work . . . The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of the Parts: Making the Most of What You Have [2015-16] Lynne F. Maxwell

ALLA(WA) Secretary - Megan Fitzgibbons.
Librarian, University of Western Australia.


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