Building the resilient library whitepaper

The second in a series of panel discussions called ‘Sustainable Library’, a whitepaper on Building a resilient library was recently released and is based on a Special Libraries Association (SLA) 2015 conference hot topic session.

Topics covered include:
  • What it means to be resilient, and run a resilient library
  • Setting the scene – organisational overviews
  • Leveraging and creating change: practical examples
  • Securing organisation support – what works
  • Examples of impact
  • Characteristics of library change agents.
Adapt, act and thrive: ensuring a sustainable library’ the first in the Sustainable Libraries series is also available for download and provides examples of how as library professionals we can adapt to challenges, act, and thrive within our organisations and profession.

ALLA(WA) Past President - Mawghan Elverd.
Acting Knowledge Manager, Jackson McDonald.


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