ALL journal seeking contributions

Mary Greenfield, the editor of the Australian Law Librarian (official journal of the Australian Law Librarians’ Association) recently sent a message to the ALLA-ANZ  email list calling for contributions and feedback on the journal. Members, check your email for more details!

Mary wrote:

The Australian Law Librarian is the Association’s journal – its remit should reflect the issues of relevance to the present and future of our members. Who better to contribute to it, then, than our members? Other questions that come to mind are: is the present format the appropriate one? Would subscribers like to see it in other formats, such as online, as well as the printed version? These are questions to which the Board would like members’/subscribers’ input, and are designed to ascertain what members want for the publication. Once that has occurred, the Board and the Editorial Committee will be better placed to provide what is needed/desired, but also to ascertain costs and viability of any changes. Print is less ephemeral than online publication can be, for example.

The journal is looking for members to contribute to it, whether in the capacity of writing articles (MOST important) or providing proofreading services, assisting with administrative issues and other periodical issues that arise. A number of people have raised their hands for proofreading, for which I am most grateful. A few offers of articles, or suggestions of WHAT subjects are of interest to readers would be GREATLY appreciated.

Contributions and comments can be sent to


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