Articles on millennials in Law School

There has been a lot of debate in recent years about changing trends in learning behaviours and expectations amongst students. One key question for law schools is: should students adapt when entering their legal training, or should law schools adapt to the students? The answer is probably somewhere between the two extremes, but the following offer food for thought:

Benfer, Emily A., and Colleen F. Shanahan. Educating the Invincibles: Strategies for Teaching the Millennial Generation in Law School. (2013) 20 Clinical Law Review 301

Madison, Benjamin V. The Elephant in Law School Classrooms: Overuse of the Socratic Method as an Obstacle to Teaching Modern Law Students. (2008) 85(3) University of Detroit Mercy Law Review

Patrice, Joe. Making Law School Millennial-Friendly (Above the Law blog)

Uelmen, Amelia J. Millennial Momentum for Revising the Rhetoric of Lawyers' Relationships and Roles. (2011) 9 U. St. Thomas L.J. 446

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