ALLA (WA) Icebreaker 2015

The annual ALLA (WA) Icebreaker was held at Jackson MacDonald on the morning of Wednesday 25 February 2015.

The thirty attendees were treated to spectacular morning views and a delectable breakfast all the while mingling with their fellow members.

Once everyone satiated their hunger, Kirsty McPhee, Knowledge and Business Development Manager, Tottle Partners provided an excellent discussion of adding value to the role of legal information professionals by adding CPD programs for lawyers.

The session discussed the recent changes to the law applicable to this area along with a number of key points.

A few that stood out include:

  • Lawyers think with their stomachs - better catering equals better attendance
  • By having the Library involved in the program, a link between the knowledge and the library is established. Let's the lawyers know that the library knows the answers.
  • Attending a CPD session as a Librarian is beneficial - you learn just as much as the lawyers and you can then use this knowledge to better provide answers to research queries. 

The event was sponsored by Thomson Reuters, and ALLA (WA) extends their gratitude to Greta Dye for attending the session (and providing the catering - it appears Librarians also think with their stomachs).

The Icebreaker was an excellent way to meet your fellow ALLA (WA) members and provided an excellent learning opportunity.

We encourage you to attend our next ALLA (WA) event on Personal Development Planning, on Wednesday March 18th. For more information, check out the events label at the bottom of this post.

Check out some more images from the day, and see if you can spot anyone you know!



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