Law librarians' mailing lists

Librarians (by definition) like to share knowledge, and it's always good to seek out additional ways to tap into collective wisdom.

Readers may already be familiar with Australian e-mail lists for law librarians, such as:
But what about other jurisdictions?

Here are some suggestions:

General / United States: INT-Law 
 International Association of Law Librarians (IALL) email list for discussing foreign, comparative and international legal research questions and is open to the public to join.

General: LAW-L
Run by the IFLA Law Libraries Section e-mail list

An email list run by the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL). This list is open to everyone. Useful for getting advice on finding obscure UK cases/ reports etc.

Canada: CALL-L
Run by the Canadian Association of Law Libraries=Association canadienne des bibliothèques de droit (CALL/ACBD)

Important tip: 
Be sure to check the terms of use for the lists before posting, particularly with regard to obtaining documents. Some lists in particular have guidelines about using the list to request publications. It's always a best practice to explain which avenues you've already tried and to offer to make proper document delivery requests in respect of copyright law, license agreements, and procedures in place at other organisations.

Do you belong to other useful e-mail lists? Please post them in the comments. 


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