Snowden Surveillance Archive

Here's a resource worth noting by anyone interested in privacy, freedom of information, digital archives, and international relations (and who isn't?):

 A project team in Canada has recently launched the Snowden Surveillance Archive, which is a searchable database of published documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the (in)famous former contractor for the US National Security Agency. The archive is intended as a tool for journalists and researchers to better access the material, especially via browseable indices.

Only 400 documents are included at this point, but the intention is that further documents will be included when published in the future.

As the site creators put it, "The leaked documents and their coverage have raised significant public concerns and had a major impact on intelligence policy debates internationally over issues of freedom of expression, privacy, national security and democratic governance more broadly."

Hat tip: Michel-Adrien Sheppard at Slaw

ALLA(WA) Committee Secretary - Megan Fitzgibbons. 
Librarian, University of Western Australia. 


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