Share your memories of the past and your thoughts for the future in the ALLJ

Do you have those moments when the 'Do you remember when...' Or the 'I think this will happen in the future '? Yes? Come on you know you do. Because as librarians we are naturally enthusiastic for the future and preservers of the past.

With the final issue of the journal for this year the Australian Law Librarian Journal is looking for people to share their thoughts for the future and memories of the past.

But this time it's a bit different… I'm not asking for an article. Rather share your thoughts with a maximum 200-150 words.

You can submit multiple thoughts and they can be anonymous of you so choose.

Please submit your thoughts but 15 October.

Questions? Contact Alex Cato

Alex Cato M.L.S BA(Hons)
Research Team Leader
D: +61 2 9258 5898 | M: +61 437397624

Originally posted on the ALLA-ANZ listserv. Apologies for cross posting. 


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