Meet the ALLA(WA) Committee: Lisa Webb

Here at the ALLA(WA) Blog, we are taking the chance to help members to get to know their Committee a bit better.

Introducing: ALLA(WA) Vice President Lisa Webb, Customer Service Librarian, Law Library, Supreme Court of Western Australia.

1. Who is a hero who has inspired you in your career?

 My Great Aunt Bev, who worked as a children’s librarian and always gave me good books to read. I was a bookworm, so I loved them. I knew from a young age that I was going to be a librarian.

2. What is the proudest moment in your professional life? 

Being named the recipient of the CCH bursary to attend the ALLA national conference in Adelaide.

3. Career advice – what’s your top tip?

Accept change. Some change will occur, so look for the positives and make the most of it.

4. What’s your favourite legal research tool?

Legal Citations of Aotearoa /New Zealand…… Well not really, but I like the sound of it and it is on the quick links of our Intranet. I do have a preference for searching on LexisNexis. There are quite a few different ways to construct a search, to get the best result.

5. If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be?

My garden. I have recently started a veggie garden, and being able to use fresh produce from the garden is fantastic. In the evening I go out harvesting lettuce, tomatoes, beans and snow peas. The carrots are deformed and very small, maybe next year they will be better. When I look at the garden I can see a lot of possibilities and a lot of projects to keep me going easily for a year.

6. Librarian cliché: What is your favorite book? (Or one of your favourite books?)

Oh no, this one is tough. I probably couldn’t narrow it down to a single favourite, but I recently read “The Happiest Refugee” by Anh Do. This is a great read which covers a wide range of emotions. It is funny, honest, tragic and heart-warming. What more could you want?

7. If you had 24 hours all to yourself, how would you best like to spend it?

 I’m going to find a quiet spot in the garden, under the shade of a tree. Next to my imaginary, calming water feature. I will have a platter of cheese, olives and paté, a glass (or 2) of red wine and a good book to read. After this I’m going to sleep very well!


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